UDS Hardware offers state of the art packaging. We have 5 kinds of packaging available in house for your specific needs!

1. Skin Packaging is a process that requires a piece of cardboard to be placed in the bed of the machine, product gets loaded on to cardboard, a plastic sheet gets heated up to a temp to activate glue and covers cardboard and product. Then machine vacuum seals plastic around part securing it to cardboard. A second process dye cuts the cardboard into individual pieces, and then punches a hanging hole if needed for    display purpose. This allows customer to have a professional display package to real show off a brand in a   showroom and add a give away sticker as well as a barcode label for retail use.

2. Production bagger allows us to produce 35 bags a minute, generally used to have a bagged kit of hardware to be included with customers final packaged method. we offer different sizes and thickness as    well as barcode label for tracking purpose.

3. Foldable cardboard box hand packed and barcode labeled

4. Hand bagger for special need or requirements

5. Spooling machine for doing wire, tubing, or other similar rolling features.

UDS Hardware has fast turn around and also allows customers to provide us parts to include in there package. We also can source items that require stamping, laser cut, bending, cnc machining.

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